Proactive Estate Planning with Rothwell Lawyers

Proactive Estate Planning with Rothwell Lawyers


Estate planning is a significant task that many shy away from due to its emotional nature and complexities. Yet, having a well-crafted Will that accurately mirrors an individual’s final wishes is undeniably important. The gravity of the situation came to light when Mr. Johnson, a long-time client of Rothwell Lawyers, approached us. With a complex family structure, including children, ex-partners, and a de facto partner, he was unsure about how to distribute his assets in a fair and legally sound manner.


At Rothwell Lawyers, we understand that dealing with Wills and related matters is a highly personal and often emotional journey. Our team of experienced solicitors embarked on Mr. Johnson’s case with the utmost sensitivity, respect, and care.

We first assisted Mr. Johnson in drafting a comprehensive Will that addressed his unique circumstances. Our team ensured that his Will was legally sound, clearly articulating his wishes concerning the distribution of his assets after his passing.

Next, we guided Mr. Johnson on appointing a Power of Attorney, an essential step in ensuring his interests would be protected if he was unable to manage his affairs himself. We also helped him set up an Enduring Power of Attorney, which would remain valid even if he were to lose mental capacity, covering financial matters, health, and personal decisions.

Lastly, we discussed potential complexities in administering his estate, including applying for probate and dealing with potential contested Wills.


With our expert advice and assistance, Mr. Johnson was able to navigate the complexities of his estate planning. He felt confident that his final wishes would be honoured and his loved ones protected. He expressed relief and satisfaction, stating that working with Rothwell Lawyers didn’t just offer him legal advice but gave him peace of mind.

Through Mr. Johnson’s case, we reiterate our commitment to offering expert, empathetic services in the area of Wills and Estates, ensuring our clients are well-informed, their needs are met, and their estates are legally protected.

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