Assisting StoneGate Developments in a Multi-Faceted Property Transaction

Assisting StoneGate Developments in a Multi-Faceted Property Transaction.


StoneGate Developments, a leading Australian property developer, was in the process of acquiring a large industrial site with the intention to subdivide it into various commercial and residential properties. Given the complexity and potential risks associated with the transaction, StoneGate reached out to Rothwell Lawyers for their expertise in property law.

The Challenge:

The multi-faceted property transaction involved not only buying the industrial site but also conducting a complex subdivision of the land into different residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The process required careful navigation of property law, regulatory compliance, and negotiations with the local council and other authorities. Additionally, StoneGate had plans to lease some of the commercial premises post-development, adding another layer of complexity to the deal.

The Solution:

Rothwell Lawyers approached the case with a comprehensive plan. Firstly, they supported StoneGate in acquiring the industrial site, providing expert advice on the contract of sale and conducting thorough search recommendations to ensure a smooth transaction.

Following the successful acquisition, the team moved onto the next phase: subdividing the land. Their in-depth knowledge of property development and detailed understanding of the legal compliance required for land subdivision was instrumental in this process. They liaised with local councils and other authorities, ensured all requirements related to easements and covenants were met, and meticulously managed the conveyancing of allotments.

As StoneGate intended to lease some of the commercial premises, Rothwell Lawyers also provided assistance in this area. They drafted the Heads of Agreement, laid out the requirements for Retail Leases, and engaged in negotiations to ensure the special conditions best suited StoneGate’s needs.

The Outcome:

With Rothwell Lawyers’ guidance, StoneGate Developments successfully purchased and subdivided the industrial site. The firm’s expertise and strategic approach helped to navigate the complex legal landscape of the transaction, ensuring all regulatory requirements were met and potential risks were minimised.

Furthermore, their adept handling of lease agreements facilitated the renting of commercial premises on the most advantageous terms for StoneGate. This allowed StoneGate to quickly generate revenue from the development, highlighting Rothwell Lawyers’ commitment to their clients’ business interests.

The case demonstrates Rothwell Lawyers’ expertise in property law, showcasing their ability to handle complex, multi-faceted transactions effectively and efficiently, thereby safeguarding their clients’ interests and supporting their business objectives.

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